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[/*] Maxïmo Park - As Long As We Keep Moving Full Album Download! {ZIP & Torrent} HQ

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[b] Maxïmo Park – As Long As We Keep Moving Album Download – Preview new songs![/b]

You can download Maxïmo Park – As Long As We Keep Moving

Artist: Maxïmo Park
Album: As Long As We Keep Moving
Release Date: 2018
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:
1. Get High (No, I Don’t) [Recorded Live at Vada Studios]
2. I Want You to Stay (Recorded Live at Vada Studios)
3. Girls Who Play Guitars (Recorded Live at Vada Studios)
4. Questing, Not Coasting (Recorded Live at Vada Studios)
5. The National Health (Recorded Live at Vada Studios)
6. A19 (Recorded Live at Vada Studios)
7. What Equals Love? (Recorded Live at Vada Studios)
8. Limassol (Recorded Live at Vada Studios)
9. Midnight on the Hill (Recorded Live at Vada Studios)
10. Books from Boxes (Recorded Live at Vada Studios)

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